1. The Christian Web Hosting company we own offers free website transfer with all new hosting plans. If the need arises to FTP all the files from the old host, I have found this command to be excellent in recursively retrieving all files via FTP from the linux command line.

      wget -rcl0 ftp://user:pass@hostname

      The flags do the following

      -r retrieve all files and folders recursively

      -c Only download files and folders that are missing. Useful for restarting the process if it fails.

      -l0 Descend into the furthest levels, by default wget will go down 4 levels.

      1. Sugel

        Hello I am trying to use ftp to transfer the entire contents of a folder and recursively transfer any folders within it..Does anyone have any expertise on this?

        October 21, 2011 - 6:44 am