1. Adsense for Domains Nameservers

        Google has setup nameservers to use if you would like to point your parked domains to Google Adsense for Domains. ns1.googleghs.com ns2.googleghs.com ns3.googleghs.com ns4.googleghs.com However, you can only use one Google product per domain https://www.google.com/adsense/support/as/bin/answer.py?sourceid=aso&subid=ww-ww-et-asui&medium=link&answer=154197

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      2. How to fix 226 Output truncated to 2000 matches

        Sometime using cPanel with PureFTP you will get the following error message when trying to list all files in your FTP client. 226 Output truncated to 2000 matches Find the pure-ftpd.conf file on your server and change the following setting to how many files are required to be displayed: LimitRecursion 2000 8 The pure-ftpd.conf file […]

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      3. Recursively Set File and Folder permissions via SSH

        These commands are helpful when your host runs suPHP and requires that files have a permission of 644 and folder of 755. Set file permissions to 644 recursively: find /path/to/apache -type f -print0 | xargs -I {} -0 chmod 0644 {} Set folder permissions to 755 recursively: find /path/to/apache -type d -print0 | xargs -I […]

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      4. Automated Backup of your cPanel Account from your PC or MAC

        Well it’s good news for website owners because someone has finally made it easy to backup your website files and databases without needing to log into your cPanel control panel every single time. Gone are the days when you forget to backup or run out of time to backup your precious data. Think about this […]

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      5. Ultimate Browsing Protection with Sandboxie

        As mal-ware and malicious become more prevalent, it is important to ensure adaquate lines of protection for your system. Especially if you manage a web server and/or websites. A tool that I have found useful is call Sandboxie. It creates a virtual sandbox on your PC and any malware downloaded is removed from your system […]

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      6. How to write Good computer code.- Funny

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      7. Error when importing csv or xls file via PHPMyadmin into MySQL

        Another helpful hint. If you are getting out of memory or table creation errors when importing CSV or Excel files into MySQL using phpmyadmin, here is way to get the data imported. 1. Imported your txt/csv file to Excel. 2. Insert column names in the first row. 3. Save the Excel document as OpenDocument Spreadsheet […]

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      8. Recursively Get all Files and Folders via FTP on Linux

        The Christian Web Hosting company we own offers free website transfer with all new hosting plans. If the need arises to FTP all the files from the old host, I have found this command to be excellent in recursively retrieving all files via FTP from the linux command line. wget -rcl0 ftp://user:pass@hostname The flags do […]

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      9. Speaker Boehner hits Nancy Pelosi with Gavel! Hilarious

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      10. RapidSSL Error in Firefox- This certificate is untrusted

        Thought this might be a help to anyone that is getting this error. On December 9, 2010, Geotrust updated their certificate signing process to include an intermediate CA to sign the request. Here is what they said specifically: On 9th December 2010, RapidSSL (Geotrust) has successfully completed its public root certificate authorities (CAs). All RapidSSL […]

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