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      1. Free Email Marketing from Mailchimp.com

        For the last 12 months, our business has been using Ratepoint.com for our email marketing and so far we are quite pleased with it. However, email marketing can get quite pricey as your subscriber base grows. Mailchimp, however provides a free email marketing for up to 1000 subscribers! This looks to be a great tool […]

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      2. Make Money on Your Website with BeaconAds.com

        Just wanted to let you all know that I have been pretty impressed with the folks over at BeaconAds.com. They are a Christian advertising exchange where you can be an advertiser, a publisher, or both. We have been able to sell previous unused adspace on one of our websites through BeaconAds.com. This has increased our […]

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      3. Personal Assistants are Awesome

        Are you ready to make your life a little easier? Get a Personal Assistant! Since June of 2010, I have been slowly outsourcing some of the more redundant parts of the business to my personal assistant.  I found her on oDesk.com and it has been working out great. It has enabled me to juggle all […]

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