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      1. Ultimate Browsing Protection with Sandboxie

        As mal-ware and malicious become more prevalent, it is important to ensure adaquate lines of protection for your system. Especially if you manage a web server and/or websites. A tool that I have found useful is call Sandboxie. It creates a virtual sandbox on your PC and any malware downloaded is removed from your system […]

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      2. Error when importing csv or xls file via PHPMyadmin into MySQL

        Another helpful hint. If you are getting out of memory or table creation errors when importing CSV or Excel files into MySQL using phpmyadmin, here is way to get the data imported. 1. Imported your txt/csv file to Excel. 2. Insert column names in the first row. 3. Save the Excel document as OpenDocument Spreadsheet […]

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      3. Great, Simple Alternative to DNSStuff.com

        I used to love DNSStuff.com until the started charging $70+ per year to run DNS tests from their website. So tonight when looking for a way to show a customer that a connection issue was due to their DNS, I found intoDNS.com. Their interface is easy to use and very similar to the old DNSStuff.com. […]

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      4. Delete Files Older that a number days in Linux Directory

        An extremely helpful I have found for deleting files that are older than x number of days in a directory. find /path/to/files -mtime +5 -exec rm {} \; So basically to run this command you simply need to update the path to your files and set the number of days. The number of days old is […]

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      5. Delete All Accounts on cPanel

        If you are needing to wipe a cPanel server clean here is a quick and neat bash script to do just that. WARNING THIS WILL DELETE ALL ACCOUNTS ON YOUR SERVER WITH NO CONFIRMATION… #!/bin/bash IFS=”$” ls /var/cpanel/users | while read KUSER; do echo ‘y’ | /scripts/killacct ${KUSER} done Thanks to kujoez at cpanel.net for […]

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