On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Site Promotion' started by John More, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. John More New Member

    Which method is helpful for boost ranking in search engine.
  2. CertArt New Member

    In SEO, On-Page and Off-page both are equally important.
  3. rudalf Member

    Yes both are important for any site.
  4. MitchElSpan New Member

    On Page seo is differ than the off page seo here are the definitions of the both are given here .
    On page seo
    It is the implementation strategies to optimize a web in the search engines,,
    off page seo
    here is the off page seo encompasses the many techniques used for creating inbound links to a website page to increase the perceived popularity of the page with regard to search engine algorithms, with the goal of moving the search result position for the page up in the natural search results for a specific set of search terms.
  5. Fredjones01 New Member

    Hello friends I do seo for external projects. I do work in off page. I do mainly these steps :-
    1. Directory Submissions
    2. Social Book Marking
    3. Forums
    4. Link Building
  6. rudalf Member

    All these steps are enough for any site you can add blog comments and profile links as well.
  7. akimmi New Member

    both are important in ranking aspect. you should apply both term on your site. for good ranking

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