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Discussion in 'Web Hosting \ Domain Registration' started by Greg Smith, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Greg Smith New Member

    My church was recently faced with the problem of having our old website not being updated when the member who was maintaining it left. He left on good terms with the church but just did not want to maintain the site any longer so the Pastor and I were faced with what to do. Since I had a little experience we needed a hosting domain site that would also give us a fair amount of plug and play functionality for a new web site. We found that through a local developer who recommended to us in a short time we were able to have a site up and running which I believe has some great functionality. I will post a link in the review forum to our site if I can get some feedback.
  2. Lila Green New Member

    I have heard of Weebly, but never used it. Does it walk you through everything pretty easily? Do they get you to certain point, and then expect you to buy something?
  3. kimberlyH New Member

    I like they allow you to make your website from just html or a template(which u can edit), not a html/template mix as weebly does.
  4. domain4special New Member

    I like Domain4Special. They provide reliable web hosting packages for your website.

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