Discussion in 'Linux' started by Tally, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Tally New Member

    Are there any other Ubuntu users out there? This is my favorite Linux distro, by far. I've tried out a few others like OpenSUSE and Mint. I am a newbie to Linux in general and found it was an easy jump from Windows. :)
  2. exs centric New Member

    I have dipped my toes in a number of times but the aligators scared me greatly. The learning curve is too steep for an old mind that has forgotten all it knew of DOS and Commodore/Timex. I did load Ubuntu via Wubi on my laptop and actually got wireless running and einstalled E-sword but I need a lot of windows programs so didn't make a switch.

    Give me a good grammar checker in Open Office and I might consider a switch. They have one but I tried it the other night and it passed a frightfully horrible paragraph so it isn't ready for prime time yet.
  3. Tally New Member

    You can also run Virtual Box through Ubuntu. Have you tried that? It's basically a Windows emulator. I've used it to run some programs and games that need Windows. Although, I have to admit it doesn't seem to work well with my graphics card.
  4. exs centric New Member

    Used Wine and it worked on one main program. Should give it a go again one of these days.

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