what is the industry leading flat iron out there right now chi, fhi

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    what electrical appliance could you not live without i think i'd personally have to state my Cheap GHD locks straigtner, i hate possessing frizzy hair hehe! ipod cmon you guys true. refrigerator or vibrator, that is a tough option. haha i need a new hair straightner too. a little bit of wetness and my hair is just like yuck. haha, and several people think i have right hair, even though im cookware. lol, funny.anyway, my spouse and i probably cannot live without the computer! geez. yahoo answers is just consequently addicting! ;d i do not think some people on here know what a product is, and so i will spoil the issue some more and also say, we cant accept out sausage wallets. well, other than staples just like refrigerator as well as washerdryer, id the microwave. they are so fast and handy! ) ipod!!!!i personally don't like listening to peoples conversation whenever riding in public transport!!!id expire if i dont have my ipod with me!!! the microwave oven. i high temperature everything in right now there. microwave lol computer. computer. its gotta are the refrigerator. hmmm possibly the toaster or the oven koh yeah some people pose a good point maybe create the computer to that particular list ipod microwave my computer wins. umm straighten lol easy, the particular fridge my stick welderit helps make money each day ) fridgeneed to keep meals coldsmiod luck my umhot rollers. my spouse and i curl my own hairand it turns out beautiy. with out them my curly hair would be a soccer ball of frizz as well p vibrator, i meandamn the idea. my dvd-vcr recorder player as well as the tv involving course my wifeshes always in the actual kitchenwhere she belongs my sound system. its how i stay happy. refrigerator i like food so much i want my fridge my flat iron i need to generally look good for you ladies my blu lewis player its a tie up between my iphone along with lap top

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