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      1. Run EXIM on both port 25 and port 587

        With most ISP’s blocking port 25 for all smtp servers besides their own, you may want to allow cPanel\EXIM to run on port 587. All you need to do are the following steps: 1. Login to WHM as root user. 2. Select Service Configuration -> Exim Configuration Editor 3. At the bottom of the page, […]

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      2. We love Installatron but…

        it is not compatible with database mapping turned on in cPanel > 11.28. Got a ticket in and I am sure it will be fixed lickety(sp?) split. Other than that, I love Installatron as do our customers. Blows Fantastico and the rest out of the water!!! UPDATE  – 12/2/2010 Phil from Installatron reports the issue […]

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